Harbingers of Hamlet

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Presently, the party is holed up in the city of Nerosyan, capital of Mendev.

Nerosyan is, in theory anyways, a just and lawful realm, with little in the way of a Thieves Guild or black market. However, just as in any metropolis, these elements do exist for those that know where to find them.

Harbingers: The Begining

Taken from the journal of Il’hiana

We begin in the town of Hamlet. It is a very small town of Elves. I journey with my friend Rafalca, half-elf cleric of Pharasma and Azrael, Elf ranger and his dog Hannibal.

The mayor of the town summons us to his office. His daughter, Annabelle, has fallen ill and she requires a rare mushroom to be cured. It must be bought from an old hag named Merdraxol, who lives in a 2 1/2 day ride north of Hamlet.Magic mushrooms

The mayor provides the three of us with horses and rations for the journey as well as the gold to pay Merdraxol.

We ride for 2 1/2 days and the trip is uneventful. When we arrived I noticed a rare love potion flower that can be sold for a high price. I must go retrieve this plant later. We made our exchange with Merdraxol and began our journey home.


Shortly after leaving it began to rain Rafalca noticed an abandoned temple and a small village not far away. We travel to the village and find a small inn to stay dry for the night.

During the course of the night we get awakened in out rooms by hostile reptillian people. He defeat them but the innkeeper is not in sight.

[ Loot: 21 Silver,a rusty Key,a magical holy symbol.]

Outside the windows we hear the sounds of many voices chanting…

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